I started DJ/MC’ing weddings five years ago because I love to celebrate love. Today, our team continues to provide classic entertainment for weddings for the same reason, we love to celebrate love. Check out 5 reasons we love weddings!

1. ‘I Do’
Our main job during the wedding ceremony is to cue the music for the bridal party and bride to walk down the aisle, and then play the recessional song once the officiant pronounces them ‘man and wife’ for the first time. That said, my favorite part of the ceremony is when the ‘I Do’s’ are said. It’s incredible to witness so many couples start their lives together. Two simple words mean so much, and it never gets old!

2. Celebrating Unique People & Stories
We meet in person with every couple to go over their wedding timeline, discuss music options, and get to know them as people. I love hearing about the crazy awesome ways that people meet and fall in love, it’s one of the true joys of the wedding industry. We’ve entertained at all types of weddings! Every wedding has it’s own flare… from Harry Potter/Doctor Who/Pi Day and video game themed weddings to carnival games and Monday Night Football theme music. Nothing is too crazy when you are celebrating your unique love!

3. Music Unites
Music brings people together in a really cool way. Each couple that we work with puts together a list of ‘must plays’. These selections are usually special to the bride, groom, their bridal party, friends and/or family. I love playing one of these tunes and watching the dance floor light up with excitement as memories flood back to the guests!

4. Keeping The Flow
We tell every couple that one of our main responsibilities on wedding day is to keep the flow running smooth. The bride, groom and their loved ones should be partying it up and celebrating love! We see ourselves as the glue between all of your vendors, and we pay careful attention to communicating with coordinators, venue staff, caterers, banquet staff, photographers, videographers, etc. We can’t start toasts until the champagne is poured! Your wedding is an opportunity for you and your guests to sit back and enjoy; let us take care of the details.

5. Cake.
Having been in the wedding industry for over five years, we’ve tasted a lot of cake. These days, I’m somewhat of a cake connoisseur. My favorite slice of cake ever (so far) is from ‘It’s All About The Cake‘ in Dana Point, CA. The banana cake is to die for.

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